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As an architect, you create emotional, physical experiences. Your vision reveals itself across an environment as people move through it—and that experience is ever-changing. It’s an experience of expansiveness at one turn, of intimacy at another. It unfolds gradually, or it opens up in one sweeping gesture.

As an architectural photographer, I translate that three-dimensional experience into the language of two dimensions. Using light and composition we capture the dynamism of the architecture one frame at a time.

Our approach to architectural product photography follows similar lines: We breathe life into your product, placing it in a context consumers can relate to personally. Suddenly, they can imagine how your offering could enhance their own building projects. And that’s the difference between showing a product and showing the possibilities of a product.


Consummate professionalism. Having built our business over the course of more than two decades, Emery Photography offers technical precision and an industrywide reputation for craftsmanship. Our expertise as image makers, in addition to our fluency with architecture industry norms, creates peace of mind: You can count on us to deliver powerful, visual representations of your work—on time and within budget.

Collaboration. Because we work in close partnership with our clients, there are no surprises. By incorporating your input into our perspective as photographers, we deliver according to high expectations without exception. That bears out in the longevity of our client relationships, many of which have persisted over the course of a decade.

Efficiency. Our approach to business translates into cost and time efficiencies for clients. No detail is too small for our attention. From location scouting to planning the details of a shoot, we take a proactive stance, locking in a production’s many moving parts to ensure that it proceeds according to plan. Our use of private aircraft adds another layer of value for clients, making it possible to schedule travel affordably on short notice and according to ideal weather conditions.


Dave Emery


Years ago, one of his professors characterized Dave Emery as a "quiet photographer." Although a few decades have passed since that time, the insight still perfectly encapsulates Dave's work as an architectural and product photographer.

Since founding his Columbus, Ohio studio in 1987, his imagery—classically composed and grounded in both strong graphic design and quiet elegance—has communicated value to the consumer without ever yielding to the brash impulse to shriek. Light, tone and composition—and not the latest visual fad in the commercial photography world—are the means by which he extracts personality from products and architectural structures. Dave's emphasis on technical precision over trends gives his photographs a timeless quality. As he sees it, the technique and art of photography are symbiotic: one without the other falls flat.

Dave has spent his career honing a balanced relationship between art and technique—starting with his undergraduate training at the Rochester Institute of Technology and graduate work at Ohio University. Having cut his teeth as a photojournalist Dave works with more spontaneity and flexibility than is typical for many product and architectural photographers. He improvises and orchestrates the conditions he needs to make an effective image.

Dave works on a much more personal level than would a mere photography "supplier", and has built a set of enduring client relationships based upon his quality, reliability, and professionalism. In running his business, his point of view is that collaboration is a critical component to crafting images that meet specific objectives. In shaping ideas with clients, he comes to a clear understanding of their needs—from both a marketing and architectural standpoint—and delivers imagery that drives results.